This bitch is fucking preachin the truth tho

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Dropping worldwide April 1st.
When anyone says all brown skinned/dark skinned girls are ugly


then when it’s a black male or female

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Things I can’t imagine •Someone haveing a crush on me •Someone asking what to say to me to their friend •Someone looking at and thinking ‘whoah she’s cute’ •Someone asking about my day •Someone actually willing to see how broken and insecure I am and help me overcome it •someone who cares enough to ask about my day even.

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I got my Nose pierced !

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apinywal: Baby Miley


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Kathy Griffin Talking Shitt About Demi again XD oh shitt

Demi Lovato 4.17.13
They Want us out of school June19th -.-
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remember when lil wayne said “real g’s move in silence like lasagna”

that shit fucked me up

and then i realized the “g” in “lasagna” is silent

i was like “damn……”

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